Sunday, January 10, 2010

Been awhile

Still here having some great times with my little princess. Moving on up to the big girl bed on Friday. She keeps asking about it...hopefully she won't be scared.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things I love about Ava:

* I love when you wrinkle your nose when you say "meow"
* I love when I ask you what time it is and you say "Night Night"
* I love that you sleep till 7:30 a.m.
* I love when you take my hand to walk around and show me stuff
* I love when you take the oven mitts out of the drawer
* I love rocking with you before you go to sleep
* I love when you blow me kisses
* I love to watch you eat yogurt by yourself
* I love when you hug the back of my legs
* I love when you try to say new words
* I love when you say the word "eyes" and poke my eyes out to show me
* I love to hear you breathing on the baby monitor
* I love that you want to put facial cream on in the morning too
* I love your chipped front tooth
* I love when you say shhhh when Kellman barks
* I love when you chase Kellman around the house
* I love when you say momma
* I love your sparkling blue eyes
* I love to hear you laugh
* I love you more than you will ever know!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Here we are on a bleak Wednesday afternoon. I feel like I havent seen the sun in ages. Even though I recently had this "thing" on my face taken care of, presumably from years of sun damage, what I wouldnt give to feel some heat on my face right now (and a Starbuck's)! Ok now the wind has picked up as I look outside my window and I know I am not leaving this house for awhile yet.

Ava is running around like a mad woman at the moment and if I have to play row row row your boat one more time, I think I will stick a daggar in my eye. OOOOO..ok what's the smell? Ick..poopie #2? Off to change the one millionth diaper in the past 19 months.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have seriously been slacking on my blog here. I know people tell me that it is really boring..and I guess it is. One of my resolutions for this year to is to be a better "blogger".

(2009 Resolutions)
1.) Lose about 11 more pounds (hopefully before Costa Rica)
2.)Be a better wife to my amazing manhusbandfriend
3.)Become a more patient person in all aspects of my life
4.)Become a better baker
5.)Keep up with project 365
6.)Make more time for my DD!!!!
7.)Try to buy less products made in China
8.)Learn some photography skills

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

I havent posted in awhile and I dont know if anyone is even reading this anymore, but I thought I would post some pics on here that I have taken in my semi manual mode:

Well Im having issues with my new external hard drive. But I will be sure to post our holiday pics soon. I have bought a manual camera and am planning on taking some classes so hopefully I will have some true black and white pics to oooo and ahhhh everyone with. Im trying to find a photo editing program that is kind of easy to use out of the box and that is reasonably priced. I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Here is my little bibble! What a beautiful fall day to be outside! She practiced her walking and greeted her cousin and Aunty when they came to visit by walking right up to them this afternoon. I cant believe that she went from crawling in May, to walking in September/October.

We are leaving to go to Palm Springs, California on Saturday..and I am more than a little nervous to see how she is going to do with the time change. Now that she is walking, little Precious is not going to want to sit still for very long. So I just checked the National Weather Service and the forcast for this week in Palm Springs is a ridiculous 100 degrees!! Looks like Precious wont be needing her sweatshirt there!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I hate spending money

So I dont know what has happened to me because I could spend money like it was going out of style! I went to TJ Maxx today and was going back and forth about spending $21.99 for a bra. I used to spend $45-$50 each for bras at VS. Those days are long gone. I decided that it had a nice fit and so that was justification enough to go ahead with the purchase..but geesh it's not even fun anymore.

Now our 1 year old laptop (Dell...dont ever buy one) has bit the dust and it is only three weeks out of warranty. That really bites the big one. Im upstairs in the attic on our old computer. My hubby has just bought a new harddrive (because that's what he thinks the problem is) online where it will take three days to be delivered. I am such a want it now person that that feels like two weeks to me. I have some really cute pictures to post on here...but its gonna have to wait until that harddrive shows up...grrr......

Another thing I am having a hard time spending money on lately is groceries! do I run in for a few things and come out spending $50.00?? I wish that I could coupon, but I cant justify spending the $1.50 for the newspaper because then are you really saving any money? How did I become so cheap you ask? I married a German! Dont get me wrong, I love to find a bargain..but I dont find them that often and wonder if its really worth the time and effort to go scouring for the deals.